Language and Literacy Learning Trail

A fun, innovative and interactive outdoor trail, comprising of signs formulated using the most recent research and understandings of how children most effectively learn to read and spell.

Designed so that all parents can access the signs and participate in the activities with their children, irrespective of their own literacy levels.This underlays the principal concept of the signs, providing access to this information for parents in as many and varied ways and settings as possible.

Not every parent visits the library with their children or picks up brochures or attends training sessions. Therefore information needs to be distributed in innovative and creative ways to reach all parents.

The United Way Learning Trail is a literacy program that is fun for both parents and children to learn language skills and was first implemented by United Way overseas.The concept is to provide basic information to parents about the importance of early literacy skills in a play based way and in an outdoor environment.

We are trying to provide this information in a variety of ways both informal and formal so that all parents, regardless of their own literacy experiences or circumstances, can access the information and support their own child to be ready to learn in pre-primary.

United Way WA brought the concept to WA and consulted with education specialists in the area of literacy to ensure the program met local education standards.Dyslexia-Speld Foundation (DSF).Through their Literacy Services have been the key contributor to and collaborator on this project.

DSF have developed the sign content according to current best practice and research on how children’s language develops and critical factors required to establish the best possible foundations for early literacy.The concept can be placed in a public setting to enable as many families as possible to enjoy the experience of learning together and strengthening literacy skills.

A joint initiative with DSF, we currently have a learning trail in place at Middle Swan Primary School.

See more pictures of the trail here


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