Our Community Impact Approach

Mobilising communities to create lasting changes in community conditions that improve lives.


United Way’s funding is characterized by strategic community investment. Our approach aims to engage all stakeholders to achieve substantive and sustainable improvements in the community.

As a relatively new approach to philanthropy, our aim is to engage stakeholders in a journey which focuses on raising awareness and education then providing an opportunity for meaningful engagement.

Perth is a wonderful city, but is not wonderful for everyone, everywhere, all the time. For some people, even the very basic elements of a quality life – education, income, health, a good place to live, a sense of belonging and safety – are out of reach. United Way are operating on these three priority impact areas here in Western Australia.

Over the past years there has been dramatic change in how our community is organizing itself to deal with social issues largely because social problems in cities such as Perth have become more complex. These complex problems require a systematic and collective response. Collaboration has become the strategy of necessity at the community level where responsibility primarily now lies for improving social conditions.

United Ways throughout Australia are being called upon to provide leadership and support to the community. In light of this, United Way’s sphere of networks through partnerships has broadened to include not only community organizations but also individuals, corporations, neighborhood networks, local governments and many more kinds of formal and informal organizations and associations. Our work now is focused on tackling social problems head on through improving community coordination and strategy because this helps the most people and is more sustainable.

Join United Way through funding our Community Impact funding model to experience a measurable and engaging outcome.


United Ways throughout Australia and the world are being called upon to provide leadership and support to the community.


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