United Way WA values the assistance volunteers can bring to our organization and in changing our community for the better.


This is a fully managed project from beginning to end that is designed address an identified need within the community that is fun, rewarding and safe for a team of up to 20 people.

Our Corporate Connect ® volunteering program provides the opportunity for your staff to get their hands dirty and complete much needed projects within the community. Please click here for the Corporate Connect ® Request Form.



Ensuring all children have the opportunity to reach their potential is of great significance to us at United Way WA. Central to this is improving literacy rates within our community through education focused volunteer opportunities. We are seeking individuals or small groups who are willing to offer to commit one hour, one day or one year – during school. Therefore we are recruiting volunteer mentors, reading supports, coaches, anyone with the passion and enthusiasm to make a difference.



Individuals using their knowledge, contacts, skills, talents and passion to contribute to a specific strategic Community Impact initiative or to enhancing the capacity of a Community Partner.


We often hear about volunteer positions many organizations have and some of these volunteer opportunities are listed on the Go Volunteer Web site.

BROWSE CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES right now simply click here to go to GO VOLUNTEER and search the Perth Area

Freehills at HOPEBankwest at Wheelchair Sports WA


United Ways throughout Australia and the world are being called upon to provide leadership and support to the community.


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Kath Snell CEO.